Daikin Cora Range

Engineered with smooth contours, a flat panel design and high quality matte white finish, The New Cora Series integrates harmoniously with contemporary bedrooms and living areas. Not to mention its whisper quiet operation, industry leading energy efficiency and superior comfort levels. The Cora Series is the ideal air conditioning solution for your home, creating a family sanctuary all year round. 

Visit the manufacturer's website here for further information.

If you are unsure of which size (kW) system you need, please visit our guide for assistance.

Available models:

  • 2.0kW FTXM20QVMA

  • 2.5kW FTXM25QVMA
  • 3.5kW FTXM35QVMA
  • 4.6kW FTXM46QVMA
  • 5.0kW FTXM50QVMA
  • 6.0kW FTXM60QVMA
  • 7.1kW FTXM71QVMA
  • 8.5kW FTXM85QVMA
  • 9.4kW FTXM94QVMA