Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Range

Ultra quiet operation during the day and even quieter at night. The MSZ-GE series features some of the quietest indoor units in the industry, as low as 19 dB(A). 

Visit the manufacturer's website here for further information.

If you are unsure of which size (kW) system you need, please visit our guide for assistance.

Available models:

  • 2.5kW MSZ-GE25VA
  • 3.5kW MSZ-GE35VA
  • 4.2kW MSZ-GE42VA
  • 5.0kW MSZ-GE50VA
  • 6.0kW MSZ-GE60VA
  • 7.1kW MSZ-GE71VA
  • 8.0kW MSZ-GE80VA
  • 10.0kW PKA-100/RP